EXIL Dev-blog 9 : Going to the Unreal Engine 4

A bit of time passed since my last dev-blog post (I feel like I’m coming back from the graveyard, my last dev-blog was one year ago). It’s not that I didn’t wanted to give more updates, unfortunately my school became very overwhelming, same case for some other projects. I still kept working on Exil here and there, but often not very focused. Most of the time it was for minor features. Those following me on Twitter had the chance toRead more

EXIL Dev-blog 8 : Logo and a skeleton

Dev-blog of April, it will be short unfortunately (next month will probably be a small update too), mostly because of the FBX bug I meet these last days. It slowed down a lot my “production”. If you want more details on this bug, I wrote a detailed post about it here. I also spend a bit of time on updating my Maya scripts (mostly my retopolgy tools) because they really needed it. Skeleton I worked on an other part ofRead more

EXIL Dev-blog 7 : Ghost, Camera and Beam jump

Here we go, dev-blog of March ! What’s new since February ? 🙂 Game introduction : the ghost I’m starting to have a lot of gameplay features and a time will come when I will have to make an introduction inside the game. I have a little plan in my head and a part of it is already done. I will not say yet what is inside, I prefer to keep the surprise. However, what I can say is thatRead more

EXIL Dev-Blog 6 : Cleaning, Beams and post-process

A new month means an new dev-blog. So what is new since January ? 🙂 (A lot of chat and not many images this time, sorry.) Behind the scene A spend a bit of time cleaning and rewriting some code of the core gameplay. Mainly rewriting properly the climbing detection functions. There is still some errors that I have to fix but now my code is more modular than before, so it’s easier to manage and fix any possible problems.Read more

EXIL Dev-Blog 5 : Lena, tattoos and Colossus climbing

Six month already passed since the previous blog-post, it’s time to talk again a bit about EXIl. The major change since the previous blog-post is the addition of a true character. I finally did a clean version of Lena and added it in the game. Some progress in the code were already made for the Colossus climbing system… Colossus I started the coding for the Colossus climbing system some months ago. After some search and regarding the UDK limitations IRead more

EXIL Dev-blog 4 : Roll, Jump and Menu

I’m still working on my game for the moment. After fixing a lot a bugs/strange behaviors in the player movements (not everything is clean, but it’s better) I’m testing some new thing for making a Menu. Roll and Jump The player can now do a proper roll on the ground, with a check to prevent to fall in the void or hitting a wall. Of course, during this roll your hitbox is reduced which allow you to pass some obstacles.Read more

EXIL Dev-Blog 3 : Movable ledges and specific AO maps

Part 3, yeah ! Movable ledges I have finally managed how to stuck the player while he is climbing a ledge to move them together. It took me a while to figure out how to solve a teleport problem when I was trying to climb this movable ledge. Simply, what my system do is : 1-Check for a ledge 2-Ledge found then Trace (raytrace) the wall behind to get his rotation (I don’t trust the ledge which could have aRead more

EXIL Dev-Blog 2 : Physics and concept art

Second dev-blog, back to you with some news. Environment test for the climbing Physics on the Colossus Yeah, I will talk again about the physics on the colossus. I have made on new discover on the physics in UDK, especially with them interacting with a Pawn actor. If you don’t use the per-poly system in the UDK for your skeletal mesh, you must use the system called “Physics Asset” if you want them to collide. This collision system is simplyRead more

EXIL Dev-Blog 1 : Physics in UDK and Colossus

I will try to make updates of my project more often now. Here the first “true” dev-blog post on the project. I will try to talk about my design, problems, and solutions. This time I’m working on the first colossus of the game and it’s not very easy. My big problem is the physics engine of the UDK. Physics in UDK The physics in UDK is one of the things where you have the less controls. The UDK provide aRead more

zBrush test and EXIL with procedural ?

Okay, I don’t have worked a lot on EXIL these last days because I have token some time to learn and test zBrush. zBrush So, zBrush is a big and very famous high poly sculpting program. I used a lot Mudbox before because I have always believed that zBrush is hard to learn (especially when you see the interface). It was a mistake. A friend taken a full day to present me this software and when you understand its logicRead more

EXIL : Climbing and Inspiration

These last days I have created the code which allow the player to climb ledges. Currently it’s not finished of course, I need to tweak a little more the code and improve the animations (but I will do that later, when Lena will be fully animated). Currently I don’t have yet defined the different sizes of the Lena’s movements, so the animations can’t be done until I do that. The climbing My current code use some mesh volume to defineRead more

EXIL : Lena and climbing

Lena Okay, I have worked A LOT on Lena theses days. I have almost finished here texturing and modeling. The rigging will be the next part I guess ! Here the last work in progress screenshots that I have : Theses screens come from the Marmoset toolbag, a special realtime engine for making renders. I have token my screenshots with the hi-res diffuse/specular/normal textures. There is 8 different materials, so it’s 8×2048 (because my textures are 2048×2048 pixels). But forRead more