Making Maya faster again to exit/quit

As a long time user of Maya 2013 it pains me to see that while Maya 2015 (but also 2016/2017) looks great on the feature list, it is bothered with a lot of little lags or big slowdowns. One of the most common being the long time necessary to close Maya 2015 (an issue that have been discussed here for example). Closing maya quickly The trick is a bit dirty, but it does the job. The reason why Maya 2016Read more

Summary of 2015

I have been more busy that I would have thought in the first place. I’m a bit sad that my blog is so slow currently, I always enjoyed posting my current progress. Anyway, this post today will present a bit what I have done during this year. Hopefully I won’t have to do the same next year. 🙂 EXIL During the beginning of 2015 I have worked on my UE4 game project named EXIL. I wanted to do a trailer thatRead more

EXIL Dev-blog 9 : Going to the Unreal Engine 4

A bit of time passed since my last dev-blog post (I feel like I’m coming back from the graveyard, my last dev-blog was one year ago). It’s not that I didn’t wanted to give more updates, unfortunately my school became very overwhelming, same case for some other projects. I still kept working on Exil here and there, but often not very focused. Most of the time it was for minor features. Those following me on Twitter had the chance toRead more

xNormal 3.18.3 : Offset mesh tutorial

A few weeks ago I asked the integration of a feature in xNormal : the ability to offset an High-poly mesh during a bake to avoid intersections. Before that, xNormal was able to reduce the intersections artifacts by using an anti-aliasing setting, however this setting increase a lot the render time (the computation is logarithmic). There is also the solution to bake one piece at time, but this process multiply the number of textures that you have to bake andRead more

[maya] froRetopo 3.5 : a fast and easy retopology tool

I’m releasing today a script that I was working on since a very long time (1 or 2 years). I got a little boost in the development with the help of Chris Cunningham (aka Passerby). I started this script because I was looking for a good retopolgy tool that I never found. The problem when using an external app for the retopology is that you don’t get all the power of your classic 3D software when you need it, andRead more

*UPDATED* | FBX exporter for UDK (Maya to Blender fix)

**UPDATE** This post was updated the 15 August 2013. When UDK imports any FBX it tries to find any smoothing group. With Maya there is no smoothing groups but the FBX exporter is in charge to make them. Smoothing group while defined by faces in any softwares supporting this system are stored per vertex from what I know. In Maya there is multiple ways to manipulate normals, the most commons are : -Set to Face/Average normals or -Harden/Soften edge normalsRead more

EXIL Dev-Blog 5 : Lena, tattoos and Colossus climbing

Six month already passed since the previous blog-post, it’s time to talk again a bit about EXIl. The major change since the previous blog-post is the addition of a true character. I finally did a clean version of Lena and added it in the game. Some progress in the code were already made for the Colossus climbing system… Colossus I started the coding for the Colossus climbing system some months ago. After some search and regarding the UDK limitations IRead more

froTools 3.2 : new enhanced UI and tools

I’m finally releasing to everyone this new update of my script. I focused this time on the usability of the UI. I found a lot of problems by using it everyday. I hope it will be now much more pleasant to use. Since I was not adding features I improved the previous tools and fixed a lot of problems. This is the biggest changelog that I have ever made ! 🙂 It is also a good time make a properRead more

[maya] froXnormal 0.6 : a batcher/exporter for Maya

—————————– This script is now unsupported. I will not take in account any bug or request anymore. —————————– Update : Download version 0.7.1 Changelog : [version 0.7.1] -updated the Cage slider : now a field with a +/- buttons (more precise and scalable) -updated the SBM export, now totally silent (without the OK dialog after the export) -fixed the export of the cage when using the SBM format [version 0.7] -added a button to open the export folder -added possibilityRead more

EXIL Dev-Blog 3 : Movable ledges and specific AO maps

Part 3, yeah ! Movable ledges I have finally managed how to stuck the player while he is climbing a ledge to move them together. It took me a while to figure out how to solve a teleport problem when I was trying to climb this movable ledge. Simply, what my system do is : 1-Check for a ledge 2-Ledge found then Trace (raytrace) the wall behind to get his rotation (I don’t trust the ledge which could have aRead more

[updated] froTools 3.0 : A better UI for a better workflow

Update : new version 3.1.2 [froTools 3.1.2] -Added obj UVset export : you can export the desired uvset from a mesh to an obj file -Added combined export with desired filename for FBX and OBJ. -Added UVs button in the main dock for a quicker access [froTools 3.1.1] -Added the “Apply random colors” for the UV shells (with texture export) Download below. ———— Update : new version 3.1 -Added curve tools -Added new UV tools (projection directions) -Added new normalRead more

EXIL Dev-Blog 1 : Physics in UDK and Colossus

I will try to make updates of my project more often now. Here the first “true” dev-blog post on the project. I will try to talk about my design, problems, and solutions. This time I’m working on the first colossus of the game and it’s not very easy. My big problem is the physics engine of the UDK. Physics in UDK The physics in UDK is one of the things where you have the less controls. The UDK provide aRead more