[maya] froRetopo 3.5 : a fast and easy retopology tool

I’m releasing today a script that I was working on since a very long time (1 or 2 years). I got a little boost in the development with the help of Chris Cunningham (aka Passerby). I started this script because I was looking for a good retopolgy tool that I never found. The problem when using an external app for the retopology is that you don’t get all the power of your classic 3D software when you need it, andRead more

EXIL Dev-blog 8 : Logo and a skeleton

Dev-blog of April, it will be short unfortunately (next month will probably be a small update too), mostly because of the FBX bug I meet these last days. It slowed down a lot my “production”. If you want more details on this bug, I wrote a detailed post about it here. I also spend a bit of time on updating my Maya scripts (mostly my retopolgy tools) because they really needed it. Skeleton I worked on an other part ofRead more

*UPDATED* | FBX exporter for UDK (Maya to Blender fix)

**UPDATE** This post was updated the 15 August 2013. When UDK imports any FBX it tries to find any smoothing group. With Maya there is no smoothing groups but the FBX exporter is in charge to make them. Smoothing group while defined by faces in any softwares supporting this system are stored per vertex from what I know. In Maya there is multiple ways to manipulate normals, the most commons are : -Set to Face/Average normals or -Harden/Soften edge normalsRead more

[code] Custom gravity on props (kActor)

Some people ask me often how I released this effect : I use a inherited class from kActors to achieve this. Then inside a custom tick you simply push a props with a gravity effect. That’s why in the video when I grab a barrel with the gravity gun, the barrel is shifted. This code is old, something like 2 years old, and I never updated it after I posted the video above. Still, it might interest some guys outRead more

EXIL Dev-blog 7 : Ghost, Camera and Beam jump

Here we go, dev-blog of March ! What’s new since February ? 🙂 Game introduction : the ghost I’m starting to have a lot of gameplay features and a time will come when I will have to make an introduction inside the game. I have a little plan in my head and a part of it is already done. I will not say yet what is inside, I prefer to keep the surprise. However, what I can say is thatRead more

EXIL Dev-Blog 6 : Cleaning, Beams and post-process

A new month means an new dev-blog. So what is new since January ? 🙂 (A lot of chat and not many images this time, sorry.) Behind the scene A spend a bit of time cleaning and rewriting some code of the core gameplay. Mainly rewriting properly the climbing detection functions. There is still some errors that I have to fix but now my code is more modular than before, so it’s easier to manage and fix any possible problems.Read more

[Breakdown] Assassin’s Creed II

The past days I did a new breakdown this time about Assassin’s creed II. A game I still love today ! The amazing website “Mapcore” kindly hosted me to explain my thoughts about the game, you can read it all of it here : >> [Technical breakdown] Assassin’s Creed II on Mapcore.org It was very interesting to do, especially when you compare the game to Assassin’s Creed II which comes out some month ago. It’s nice to compare the progressRead more

EXIL Dev-Blog 5 : Lena, tattoos and Colossus climbing

Six month already passed since the previous blog-post, it’s time to talk again a bit about EXIl. The major change since the previous blog-post is the addition of a true character. I finally did a clean version of Lena and added it in the game. Some progress in the code were already made for the Colossus climbing system… Colossus I started the coding for the Colossus climbing system some months ago. After some search and regarding the UDK limitations IRead more

froTools 3.2 : new enhanced UI and tools

I’m finally releasing to everyone this new update of my script. I focused this time on the usability of the UI. I found a lot of problems by using it everyday. I hope it will be now much more pleasant to use. Since I was not adding features I improved the previous tools and fixed a lot of problems. This is the biggest changelog that I have ever made ! 🙂 It is also a good time make a properRead more

[maya] froXnormal 0.6 : a batcher/exporter for Maya

—————————– This script is now unsupported. I will not take in account any bug or request anymore. —————————– Update : Download version 0.7.1 Changelog : [version 0.7.1] -updated the Cage slider : now a field with a +/- buttons (more precise and scalable) -updated the SBM export, now totally silent (without the OK dialog after the export) -fixed the export of the cage when using the SBM format [version 0.7] -added a button to open the export folder -added possibilityRead more

[breakdown] Shadow of the Colossus (PAL – PS2)

I’m a big fan of the game Shadow of the Colossus. It’s an important influence for my own projects today. I’m still amazed about how they were able to handle so impressive Colossi and environments on a console like the Playstation 2. I started some month ago to try to go deeper on how the game was made. I’m interested about the technical side only. If you are also interested about the story and the environments I recommend you toRead more

[breakdown] Batman : Arkham City

The last days I spent quite of time playing to Batman AC made by Rocksteady. It’s a really good game and I was intrigued sometimes on how they managed to create the content of the game. So the following blog post is a breakdown of the game from my personal point of view (I don’t know at all how Rocksteady works). The purpose is educational and the work presented here go to their respective authors. The following breakdown is basedRead more