January 02, 2012

The froTools are a set of script and tools for Autodesk maya to speed any modeling related task. The tools are presneted as dockable window for quick and easy acces of various functionalities.

Some of the available features are:

How to Install ?

Put the content of the folder "froTools" inside your Documents" folder. Example: "My Documents\maya\2011-x64"

This script has been tested and should work with:

How to Launch ?

Call the command below in the mel command line for the first time. You can use the "Make Shelf Button" to make a shelf button in your current shelf.

source froTools3.mel; froTools3();

You can also add the froTools to launch when Maya start, to do so, open the userSetup.mel file (create it if it doesn’t exist) inside your script folder (where froTools3.mel is located) and put the following line inside it:


Release Notes







Parameter Description
Mesh Buttons Locator, Cube, Plane, Cylinder and Sphere mesh creation shortcuts.
Clear Clear current selection.
Component Modes Vertices, Edges, Face and Object selection mode shortcut.
Transform Tool Shortcut to the transform selection tool.
Invert Invert current selection.
Grow + Expand current selection on the mesh surface.
Shrink + Reduce current selection on the mesh surface.
Edge Ring Perform an edge ring selection (parallel edges).
Edge Loop Perform an edhe loop selection (continuous edges).
Face Border Convert faces selection into selection of perimeter edges.
Check for nGons Isolate and select n-gon faces on the currnetly selected mesh.
Cycle Axis Cycle orientation mode on the current tool (local, object, world)
Border Edge Display edge borders in bold for non-attached faces.
Display Tri Display face triangulation for quads and n-gons as dotted lines.
+ Add current selection to the selection memory.
- Remove current selection from the selection memory.
Select Mem Select what is currently saved in the selection memory.
Clear Mem Empty the selection memory.
Selection Precision Adjust the selection sensibility of components/objects in the viewports.
Vertex size Change the display size of vertices in the viewport.
Tweak Select Enable tweak select mode (click and drag to move components).
Preserve UVs Enable UV preservation when editing mesh components.
Disable Backface Enable camera based selection to avoid selecting mesh backfaces.
Face Together If enabled, extruded faces are welded together.
Ctrl+d manipulator If enabled, switch to move tool after an extrude.
Retain Spacing Retain spacing between components when moving them with snapping.
DeltHist ExtVtx If enabled, delete construction history after using edge extrude to improve performances.
Interactive If enabled, allows to adjust extrudes/bevels by dragging in the viewport.
Unhide All Meshes Iterate over all the scene objects and unhide them.
Mesh Analyzer Open a new window that displays stats about the currently selected object.
X-ray Enable x-ray view mode for currently selected objects.