The Game Audio Tutorial

Well, i have recently bought a book on sound design. The book’s name is “The Game Audio Tutorial” and he is based on the UDK. So of course, when I saw this, I have directly bought the book. I don’t have finished yet my reading, but currently I’m very glad : the book cover a lot of thing. It’s not only a book on sound in the UDK, there is a lot of theory on game sound in general. it’s very interesting and instructive.

The book start on the use of sound in the UDK, with the basic functions and tools, and just after we attack the creating of “game” sounds. I was a little disappointed at first when I saw the price of the book (33€) but finally it’s a good price : the book have 450 and more pages in full colors, and on the official website of the book we can download a lot of stuffs. Such as examples, project files, sounds and so on.
The book cover also the music in it’s own chapter : we see see style, key challenge, linear and looping music. There is also some things like the crossfade between music file (practical) and the procedural music (theoric with pros and cons).

Well I can’t say more things on it, because I don’t have finished my reading, but this is actually a good surprise. I was expecting a simple book on the UDK and it’s more than that.

An other good surprise is the full sound library which is provided with book. The creative commons license allow every buyers to use as they want the sounds provided (even use them in commercial project). The library is not “huge” but there is already a good number of sounds, and there are in very good quality. There is a lot of type such as weapon, footstep, ambient, weather, and so on.

When I will have more time (and more money) I expect to buy this book too. He cover a lot of things like type of equipment we need to use for recording sound. This book is more practical, but it will help me for recording my own sounds.