EXIL : Lena and climbing


Okay, I have worked A LOT on Lena theses days. I have almost finished here texturing and modeling. The rigging will be the next part I guess ! Here the last work in progress screenshots that I have :

Theses screens come from the Marmoset toolbag, a special realtime engine for making renders. I have token my screenshots with the hi-res diffuse/specular/normal textures. There is 8 different materials, so it’s 8×2048 (because my textures are 2048×2048 pixels). But for the UDK I have reduced my texture for making some performances and cost tests, currently only the skin textures (head and body) are in 1024, the other textures are in 512 or 256. The eyes are in 128. Take a look :

As you can see, only the face (and the body) is fine with a close distance, but ingame the player will never be so close to the character (or not, because I play A first person view). I think is fine with this render and the cost (only one DXT5 texture for the hair, there is an alpha).
Currently Lena is made with 17000 triangles, with the clothes. The nude body is only 9000 triangles, but i guess I will get 25000 triangles when I will add the knee protections, the shoes and the crystal on the left arm.

The Climbing

Lena is almost finished and I don’t plan to make her animations now because I want to finish some code parts before. The base of the wallrun is finished (horizontal walls are done, but I need to make the vertical version and fixed the bugs for the wallrun on curved walls).
I’m currently thinking about the climbing on how to make it. For the moment I only work on paper, asking myself whet type a technique I will use (laddervolume ? PhysFlying ?) and especially how to go from a climb to an other. I plan to use the root motion technique which allow me to move the player not by code but by the animation itself. It will be helpful for situation like : player climbed to a wall, he press “jump” and climbs on top.

So, I’m still thinking on this. If I made this correctly, I will made some animations and I will start the fighting system.
A lot of work for the next days/months(/years) !