[Fresh] Installing the fresh engine on your computer

Well, the official documentation (http://freshengine.net/) is a bit vague about how to install the Fresh engine on your computer. It’s a bit hard to know what can prevent you to install it correctly.

Be ready and up to date

It’s funny to say that, because everybody forgot or think to be up to date (especially for the UDK, I see a lot of people who forget to update their drivers, most of the time the problems come from that).
So, in the case of the fresh engine be sure that DirectX and your graphic card drivers are up to date. You need also a graphic card which must be compatible with the Shader model 3.0 at minimum.

And for finish this point : You MUST install Autodesk maya BEFORE the Fresh engine. You must have Maya x64 if you have a windows x64, unless you will not be able to get the 32bit plug-in for fresh (fresh install only the plug-in needed by the OS, so if you have Maya 32bit on an x64 you will not get the 32bit plug-in).

Installing Fresh

Get the installer (form the school network, in the folder of the professor in my case) and simply launch it.
Don’t change the default installation path for avoiding future problems. Copy and paste your licence.dat file in the binary directory of fresh ( C:/Program Files (x86)/Fresh3D/FreshEngine/bin/ ).

Once you have installed it, go to the script folder of the maya plug-in ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Fresh3D\FreshEngine\maya\scripts ) and copy all of them in the directory of Maya ( C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2011\scripts ).

Setup Maya

Loading the fresh plug-in will be not enough in maya, you also need to load the cgfx and hlsl plug for enabling the psp shader.
So here is my configuration :

If Maya won’t load the plug, try to restart your computer, because Fresh setup some global variable in Windows, sometimes we need to reinitialize the computer for correctly enabling them.


For the moment I have only setup the PC target for the fresh engine PSP. It’s quick and easy :

Et voilà ! 🙂

You can of course get more informations on fresh on the official documentation : http://freshengine.net/