Developping Unrealscript code : what tool I use

Since I’m working on the UDK, I have tested some IDE and other development tools which some of them are specially developed for the Unrealscript language. I have never been convinced by those IDE. The features they propose are cool, but I have finally found in Notepad++ the best tools that I can use.


Like other IDE/Text editor Notepad++ support the syntax highlighting, but I don’t think that most of them let you the choice to change the color theme of the language. Since I have discovered the “Bespin” theme in Notepad++ I have made some improvement in my workflow. I’m not kidding, this theme is more easier to read, less tiring after hours of work and much more intuitive.

See an example in the screenshot below, it’s a sample code from my project with the equivalent of the C++ syntax colors in the Bespin theme :

Notepad++ now support the auto-completion and an user of the official UDK forum had made a little file for helping Notepad++ to recognize the Unrealscript. Pretty awesome !
You can find the files here : US Notepad syntax highlighting/autocompletion

I have also take the time to change the color theme (which by default is the same as WOTGreal, a very ugly blue which can make me totally blind) by the same as the C++ theme. You can download it here : Notepad++ Unrealscript Colors.

Note that this theme also support a custom theme for the mel language.

For installing the files :

-Syntax Highligting
Put “userDefineLang.xml” in : C:\Users\FROYOK\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\

-Auto completion :
Put “unrealscript.xml” in : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\APIs\

“Yeah, colors, that’s all ?”

Well, not really, at this point Notepad++ is not better than any text editor. Its strength comes from the ability to display two files side by side, or to simply “clone” your current file and display it in two time which allow you edit your current file at the same time in two different point.Honestly, how many time did you go on the top of your file to read again the name of a function of a variable ? For me, this time is finished since I have discovered this awesome feature.

The search system is also very great, especially the one which allow you to search what you want in a folder within a specific type of file (or all of them) and display the result in a tab at the bottom on the main window. These result are simply the line were you find the occurrence and the name of the file with its full path.
Open the file, type “CTRL+G” and enter the number of the line and you are arrived.

I gain a lot of time with these little functions, for me they are now essentials.

This is a quick blog post but important I think.
Programmers always try to works and optimize there workflow, for me Notepad++ is the best for doing that !