froTools 2.6.5 : New anim tab, FBX export and more

Hello again, I have updated my toolset for maya. This time I have made some videos for explaining all the features available ! 🙂
As always, if you have some request or questions, feel free to ask !

What is new ?

//BUGs/ToDo for 2.7 :
–Select+ and Select- doesn’t always work properly (until the command is called once from the Maya menu ?)
–Add pop window for the interactve tools
–Make the extrude vertex quad into a tool for faster workflow
–The Curve buttons in the animation tab are not always working, depending of the name of your object
–The smoothSkin tool is not yet available

-Added new tab for animation tools
-Added new Edge ring button selection
-Added slide edge
-Added new normal tool : lock/unlock/face/size and Look at me
-Added Discrete rotate/scale/translate
-Added Edge loop + number of loop
-Added fill hole (classic + fill quadrangulate)
-Added Temp selector for easier selections
-Added multiple Tools setting with checkBox (PreserveUv and so on)
-Updated the FBX Export (now with preset and full options) and now really working
-Updated the UI hider button with custom choices for what to hide
-Updated the selection buttons : improved and can now convert your selection to another type

-Fixed “Invert” button for inverted selection (calling Align Vertex instead of Invert)
-Added “<" shorcut for selecting the current UV island -Fixed the "make shelf button" with annotation and name -Mixed Export and Setup in the same tab (Misc) -Fixed xsi duplicate key fixed for new maya setup

New tools

Make polygon tool

Append polygon tool

Fill hole. Based on your selection, if edges are selected it will try to quadrangulate your nGon. Otherwise it will simply fill the holes. use a face/vertices selection to avoid the quadrangulation.

Snap together tool of maya.

pOri / pCtr
Move the pivot point of your object. Ori = Origin (0,0,0) and Ctr = Center.

Edge loop
Edge loop tool based on the field just below (number of edge loop inserted).

Dscrt (Discrete)
Enable the discrete movement of the translate/move/scale tool of Maya. You can edit the value of the step with the field juts below.

Tgl Axis
This button allow you to cycle your current space on your Move/Rotate/Scale tool.

+/- Clear & select
This buttons are used for the “Temp selector”. This tool allow you to store a selection inside a memory for making easier selections. You can store in multiple times some selection and reselect them at the end together. The clear button simply erase the memory.

Preserve UV/Retain spacing/Face together
Simply the same options as the one available in maya, just a quicker access here.

This checkBox enable or disable the interactive mode for the merge tool, the bevel tool and the extrude tool. The interactive mode allow you to control on the fly with your mouse the offset, thickness, etc.

This tool set the normal of the selected vertex to look at you (the camera). The last vertex selected will be the one which will be used to set the normal, the other vertex will get the same value.

Lock/Unlock the normals of your mesh. Classic maya function.

Classic maya tools, nothing more. The NBCircle simply create a Nurbs circle at 0,0,0.

Classic Maya constraint.

Trs/Rot/Scl/Vis & Lock/Unlock/Hide/Unhide
These buttons allow to affect the channels of your current selection.

Bind/Unbind & PaintWeight tool
Classic Maya functions.

ExprtSkin/LoadSkin & smoothSkin tool
Not yet working.

Prune and Apply Prune
The float field specify the value wich will be used with the prune weight. The prune weight can be used on the object or on selected vertices.

Find maxInflu
Based on the field above, the function will try to find all the vertices with have more bones influences than the specified limit.

Vertex name and Influence field
These field allow you to see the current influences on the selected vertex with their values.

Weight field/Apply/plus and minus
The weight field is used with the apply button and plus/minus. Plus/Minus add or remove the current value in the field to the selected vertex. Apply simply set the current value in the field to the selected bone influence.
Just below you have some preset for apply quickly a value.

These buttons can perform actions based on the current time on the timeline of maya. You can cut/past keyframe and more based on your selected object.

Apply a tangent preset based on the current selected keyframe and object.

Graph loop/Graph offset/Graph const
Quick access for setting up the loop type of the graph editor of Maya.

UDK Static/UDK Skel/UDK Anim
Quick preset for setting up the checkBox. These preset are made to export correctly to the UDK.

Export FBX/Set Export path
The export button will export each selected object to separate FBX files based on the checkBox above. You can set the path manually or simply use the button to load a path.

Center to Grid/Keep location
“Center to grid” will move your objects to the origin (0,0,0) and then export your model. The keep location flag will then set the object to his previous position.

toTri (maya/fbx)
Simply triangulate your for exporting it. One is a triangulation made by maya, the other one is made by the FBX exporter. Sometime the triangulation must be made in Maya for avoiding some problems in the UDK import. If you enable both, the maya triangulation will be the first one which will be applied.

HIDE Ui checkBox
These checkBox allow you to set what you want to hide when you use the Hide UI button in the Poly Tab.

Download, Install and launch

Install :
Put the content of the folder “froTools” inside your maya folder.
Ex : “My Documents\maya\2011-x64\”

How to launch ?
Call the command “source froTools2.mel; froTools2” in the mel command line for the first time.
You can use the “Make Shelf Button” to make a shelf button in your current shelf.

When you are ready, don’t forget to setup the hotkeys in the setup tab.

The “hotkeys setup” will change 2 maya keyboard shorcut.
1 – CTRL + d = Advanced duplicate (you will be still able to duplicate like before)
2 – SHIFT + d (or D) = Unused by default, will call the “snap and merge vertex”.
3 – “<" Used for a render function of maya, now used for select UV island Since version 2.3, the hotkeys have changed, make sure to hit again the "hotkeys setup" button. Download :
froTools 2.6.5 : froTools 2.6.5
lcRetopo : Leocov’s lcRetopo script


This script is based on a lot of scripts, I would like to thanks the following authors which have made most of these tools :

-Christer Bjørklund – www.christerb.comConnect Tool & Extrude Vertex tool
-landis – www.LandisFields.comMake polygon tool
-Volker Heisterberg ( – Target weld vertex tool
-Naughty ( – Quadrangulate with the Make Polygon tool
-Brian Keffer – Creative crash ProfileVertex align tool
-Bean – Creative crash ProfilexsiDuplicate tool
-Andrew Osiow – http://andrewsw3dbrain.comHideUI based on xTools
-Leocov – snap tools
-unsmoothed – Creative crash ProfileOBJ Exporter
-John Germann – Creative crash ProfileRandom UV
-Preeth.P.G. – www.pgpreeth.comCreative crash ProfileMatch UV & Vertex Influence UI
-Alistair Braz – Polycount threadFBX Exporter