[Breakdown] Assassin’s Creed II

This article is a reprint of the original I wrote in February 2013 for MapCore, you can read the original version over here. ———————————– The following breakdown is based on my own guesses and how I understand the game from the textures and meshes I have watched. I can’t tell you exactly if I’m right or wrong since I’m not a developer of the game. However, I believe I’m rational enough to think that most of what I say is close toRead more

[Breakdown] Assassin’s Creed II

The past days I did a new breakdown this time about Assassin’s creed II. A game I still love today ! The amazing website “Mapcore” kindly hosted me to explain my thoughts about the game, you can read it all of it here : >> [Technical breakdown] Assassin’s Creed II on Mapcore.org It was very interesting to do, especially when you compare the game to Assassin’s Creed II which comes out some month ago. It’s nice to compare the progressRead more

[breakdown] Shadow of the Colossus (PAL – PS2)

I’m a big fan of the game Shadow of the Colossus. It’s an important influence for my own projects today. I’m still amazed about how they were able to handle so impressive Colossi and environments on a console like the Playstation 2. I started some month ago to try to go deeper on how the game was made. I’m interested about the technical side only. If you are also interested about the story and the environments I recommend you toRead more

[breakdown] Batman : Arkham City

The last days I spent quite of time playing to Batman AC made by Rocksteady. It’s a really good game and I was intrigued sometimes on how they managed to create the content of the game. So the following blog post is a breakdown of the game from my personal point of view (I don’t know at all how Rocksteady works). The purpose is educational and the work presented here go to their respective authors. The following breakdown is basedRead more