Exedre – Android

For my Exedre project I worked on a specific character. The initial goal was to make a woman in a sci-fi suit that will be able to wear an armor later. After a few iterations I changed a bit the initial idea and went for an Android instead, allowing more creative flexibility later. Therefor I reworked the head to make it less human which opened some interesting creative doors. The result is a character with a face customizable in Unreal Engine 4.

Another design choice was to only work in Substance Painter and not rely on external tools. This allowed to design and iterate the suit shapes and patterns much more freely. All the details have been painted by hand. Most of the renders have been done in UE4, some other with Iray inside Substance Painter. The face use a set of 2K textures while the rest of the body is split in two other sets of 2K textures (legs/arm and torso).

Below are some animation tests :