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I am Léna Piquet and I'm a Senior Product Manager and Technical Artist at Adobe. I use the Internet pseudo "Froyok" to sign my work since 2003.


Professional Experience

Senior Product Manager, Technical Artist, Technical Writer at Substance by Adobe
[ September 2019 – Today ]

I am a Product Manager on Substance Painter, overseeing the workflow and working closely with the development team to help implement new features. I contribute in many other side projects as a Technical Artist to prototype ideas and give feedback, especially for projects than can relate to Substance Painter. I am also the head of the Substance documentation, contributing to it and supervising the team that handle it.

Technical Artist, Product Designer at Allegorithmic
[ July 2014 – September 2019 ]

I work mostly on Substance Painter as a product designer. I'm the link between the developers and the managers of the product. I give my feedback into the design process of the tool but also manage the quality of the product by testing it on a daily basis.

Unreal Engine 4 Beta Tester for Epic Games
[ June 2013 – March 2014 ]

I was using the Unreal Engine 4 and providing feedback to Epic Games developers about bugs, workflow ideas and user interface usage. I was testing the full range of features provided by the engine (from C++ programming to art content).

Internship at Allegorithmic
[ November 2013 – February 2014 ]

I was assisting tech-artists by working on Substance Designer, Substance Painter and providing feedback on the other tools and software developed by Allegorithmic. I also participated on tech-demos under Unity by doing some game content and environment design.



Progammation Languages

Versioning Software


Computer Graphics at ESIAJ/HEAJ (Belgium)
[ 2010 – 2014 ]

History of Art at University of Tours (France)
[ 2009 – 2010 ]

Baccalauréat, French Higher Leaving Certificate, art option (France)
[ 2009 ]