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Oct 7
[Breakdown] Shadow of the Colossus (PAL - PS2)
I’m a big fan of the game Shadow of the Colossus. It’s an important influence for my own projects today. I’m still amazed about how they were able to handle so impressive Colossi and environments on...
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Sep 21
[Breakdown] Batman : Arkham City
The last days I spent quite of time playing to Batman AC made by Rocksteady. It’s a really good game and I was intrigued sometimes on how they managed to create the content of the game. So the...
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Jul 1
Roll, Jump and Menu
Exil Dev-Blog 4
I’m still working on my game for the moment. After fixing a lot a bugs/strange behaviors in the player movements (not everything is clean, but it’s better) I’m testing some new thing for making a...
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Jun 28
[Code] Add Feedback (Rumble) to Your Xbox Controller
So, I just found how to enable the force feedback on an xbox controller. I’m surprised that by default it’s not enabled with the UDK. The solution works in 2 times : your config file and the call of...
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Jun 25
[Code] Batch File to Backup Your UDK Data
Here is a little batch file that I use to make a copy of my current work with the UDK. Nothing special but i’m sure that some people would find this usefull. This script copy your data in two...
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Jun 22
Movable Ledges and Specific AO Maps
Exil Dev-Blog 3
Part 3, yeah ! I have finally managed how to stuck the player while he is climbing a ledge to move them together. It took me a while to figure out how to solve a teleport problem when I was trying...
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Mar 14
Physics and Concept Art
Exil Dev-Blog 2
Second dev-blog, back to you with some news. Environment test for the climbing Yeah, I will talk again about the physics on the colossus. I have made on new discover on the physics in UDK,...
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Feb 27
Physics in UDK and Colossus
Exil Dev-Blog 1
I will try to make updates of my project more often now. Here the first "true" dev-blog post on the project. I will try to talk about my design, problems, and solutions. This time I’m working on the...