Léna Piquet

Zbrush Test and Exil with Procedural ?

September 10, 2011

Okay, I don’t have worked a lot on EXIL these last days because I have token some time to learn and test zBrush.


So, zBrush is a big and very famous high poly sculpting program. I used a lot Mudbox before because I have always believed that zBrush is hard to learn (especially when you see the interface). It was a mistake. A friend taken a full day to present me this software and when you understand its logic it’s more clear and easy.
So I have tested a little some tools and tried a baking (here a render in zBrush and after in marmoset) :


I have also worked on EXIL, tested some things. Here the last update (for the gameplay) :

As you can see, I have some problems with the jump when you are on an intermediate ledge. It’s a problem with my Trace and an Extent, I’m still trying to fix this bug (not easy). This is not my main problem, my main problem is my volume mesh that I use for detecting the ledges. They cause many problem, especially when the player touch an other volume while he is already in a volume.
It’s funny to see that after theses volume, all my code work with procedural tests and trace. So when the player touch a volume, he enter in ledge mode and my volume become totally unnecessary. So I’m thinking to completely remove them and work with a full Procedural code. Why I have chosen to use Volume mesh ? Because I think that full procedural code will make a lot of bug, I’m thinking about weird ledges and so on.

I will make a lot of tests, I think it’s the best way to discover the real problems that I will meet (yeah, thank you captain obvious).

Skin and Design

I’m also currently working on some level design test, I have made some quick static mesh to make a random level. My goal is to test in every situation the gameplay.
I’m also working on a skin shader for lena, as you can see in these screenshots the shadow are more soft and I simulate the subsurface scattering with the normal map. I still need to tweak a little the render.