Exedre – Terminal

I created an “in-game” computer that react to the user/player keyboard. Mesh is done in Maya, baked and textured in Substance Painter. Final rendering and interaction is done in UE4 with some custom shaders (particles, post-process and so on) with a touch of programming (C++). It took about a two month to complete from the base shaders to the C++ code and the final modeling.

The goal of this little project was to get a terminal/command line emulation in the Unreal Engine 4. Fully real-time and with keyboard interaction. A few commands are available and give a feedback. The overall effect of the console is done with two shaders and three render target textures to accumulate pixels and creating the smearing data and artifacts. The result of a command is data driven from CSV files imported in the engine. The top right logo and the background are textures, while the rest is just a font being drawn into one of the render target. The two other render targets are used to copy the previous result and create the accumulation.