Léna Piquet

Futuristic Terminal

The goal of this little project was to get a terminal/command line emulation in Unreal Engine 4 while being fully real-time and with a keyboard interaction.

A few commands are available and give a feedback. The overall effect of the console is done with two shaders and three render target textures to accumulate pixels and creating the smearing data/artifacts. The result of a command is data driven from CSV files imported in the engine.

Terminal Emulation

The terminal was the first step of the project. It is a basic system that can receive keyboard inputs to enter commands and return a result. On top is a simulation with an accumulation buffer to give the glitchy effect.

The top right logo and the background are textures, while the rest is just a font being drawn into one of the render target. The two other render targets are used to copy the previous result and create the accumulation.

Older version of the glitches and accumulation buffer:

Computer and Keyboard

The computer itself is inspired by design of machines from the 70s/80s with a futuristic touch. It was made after the terminal emulation was itself finished. The keyboard layout is based on French keyboards.