Léna Piquet


I like to play with post-process effects often, mostly to try to emulate various type of screens, glitches and/or sensations. Most of the images below have been made in Unreal Engine 4, a few of them are GLSL shaders run inside GeexLab however.


I always liked glitchy images, so of course I tried to replicate a lot of these effects in real-time:

Old Monitors

Another type of effects I like to build are old monitors that display ghosting, color bleeding or some kind of glowing:

I also tried to replicate old VHS effects and even combine them with other filters:

As a comparative standpoint, here is how the "museum" level looks like without any effects on top:

Other Effects

Some other effects I tried were a kind of night-vision, robot/detection vision and even an underwater effect:

Once again, it can produce interresting results when combined with other filters: